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The Perfect Photogrammetry Kit

1. General

A good setup is crucial to achieve the best quality but it is also important to estimate whether the costs match the quality requirements. It should also be borne in mind that a high-resolution camera leads to a slower calculation of the model and requires computers with high computing power.

2. Low Budget

3. Industry Standard

3.1 General

This setup is the most common and is being used by most studios and individuals in the professional level of photogrammetry.

3.2 Camera

Sony Alpha 7R4

NameSony A7R4
Resolution61 Megapixels
FeaturesFlash Sync Port, 2 SD Card Slots
Price New3.699,00 €
Price Used2.000,00 – 2.400,00 €

In general this camera is perfect for photogrammetry since it has 61 megapixel to capture every detail. The in-build flash sync port is great to trigger the AR400 directly and the 2 SD card slots will ensure that you will not run out of storage during a scan. The power consumption is very low which will result in longer scanning trips without carrying a lot of batteries. In our experience one battery for the A7R4 can last longer than 3 AR400 batteries when scanning. The camera is still being produces and available in the sony store.

3.3 Flash

GODOX AR400 series (Godox Witstro AR 400, Walimex Pro HS-400, Quadralite RX400, Flashpoint RF-400 and RIKO400)

Features400 watts strong light, recycle time 0.05~2.8s
Price New549,99 € (price increasing)
Price Used~250,00 € (hard to get used)

As the A7R4, it’s the industry standard for professional photogrammetry. Since it’s being powered by batteries, it is mobile and perfect for outdoor scanning. In combination with our handles kit for the AR400 it’s super handy and the 1.4kg are barely noticeable. The only bad things about it are the batteries, the recycle time and the overheating. In our expierence one battery can trigger 1000-2000 shots at 1/8 light strength which will result in carrying many batteries when going on a long scanning trip. The recycle time is very noticeable when putting the light strength above 1/8. It’s giving an overheating warning and locking itself after a fixed amount of shots, there is no temperature sensor in it. After 5 minutes of waiting it’s ready to go again. To safe time it’s possible to turn it off and on again to overwrite the overheating counting cycle. Make sure to check the temperature with your hands once in a while to prevent actual overheating.

3.4 Lens Filter

Updated on 23. January 2024

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