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AR Handle Kit Instructions

1. General

The Texxary AR Handle Kit is especially designed for the AR400 ring flash series and the Godox R200. It adds stability and better navigation to the camera setup and makes scanning more efficient. The in-build trigger that is available for most of the major camera models can be freely adjusted in position, for the thumb and also the index finger and for left and right handed as well. The holders of this kit are 3D printed and made of PETG which is a very sturdy material, making this kit super durable. The handles themselves are made of light aluminium and are coated in textured rubber to ensure the perfect grip.


Godox Witstro AR400, Walimex Pro HS-400, Quadralite RX400, Flashpoint RF-400, RIKO400 and Godox R200

2. Assemble the Kit

To help you assemble the Kit, we created a step-by-step video and text based instructions with photos.

Updated on 23. January 2024

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